Nattameri Alpaca Farm is located on the magnificent Clarence River in the Northern Rivers District of NSW.

Our journey into The Wonderful World Of Alpacas commenced in 2006 when we purchased our first animals, a mixed herd of mainly whites, from Johns River near Taree NSW.

We joined the Australian Alpaca Association Ltd the same year and the Australian Alpaca Breeders Association in 2013.

When we started out it was a very steep learning curve but we have come a long way in the time that followed.

Initially we bred solid white and light fawn alpacas but have since changed our breeding/marketing strategy and now breed coloured animals for the pet/hobby farm market and the new breeder.

Although not our major passion we have shown a number of our animals/fleeces at various judging events over the years and have been pleasantly surprised with the results.

Our main focus, since late 2013, has been to breed the highly popular appaloosa and other "fancy" alpacas to meet the rapidly growing market for this type of alpaca.

To hopefully achieve this we purchased, in august 2013, a young male, Pacamania Chatterbox or "Chatta" as he is affectionately known. Chatta is a robust appaloosa who is maturing into a fine young macho and should develop into a most amorous stud male in the coming months. The signs are already showing. Watch this space.